Women's Shift

Women's Shift


Engineered to slow your pace of breath, The Shift is a simple yet innovative mindfulness tool to help calm your nervous system and relieve anxiety. Whenever you're feeling stressed, just take a slow breath in through your nose, then exhale for 10 seconds discreetly through the Shift to soothe tension and bring your mind back into the present moment. We call it The Shift, because it shifts you into your best self.


  • Brass base plated
  • Shift pendant measures 2 inches in length
  • 29" plated pullover cable chain
  • Precise circumference supports 10 second exhale
  • Food safe enamel coating

    Customer Reviews

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    Amazing product

    I bought this for my daughter who suffers from severe social anxiety and depression. She took to it like a fish to water. She loves it! She always has it around her neck and I see that when we are out in social situations she will use it to regulate her breathing. And no one has a clue what it is because it just look like she put her necklace in her mouth. So yes, I would highly recommend it! I am so glad I saw the ad for it on Instagram.

    This necklace is amazing!

    This necklace really works to calm my breathing. Thank you!

    Such a Simple Tool with a Massive Impact

    The pressure during the day inside of business has me constantly on edge some days, maybe not outwardly, but inside. When I find the pressure rising, a couple of breaths through this and I'm reset, ready for action. It is no secret that we can control our state with our breath, yet knowing that doesn't change the fact that I don't do it, having this around my neck also serves as a reminder. My wife and I both have one, and our kids use them when they themselves find their emotions storming up. Highly recommend, will make a huge difference in your state of being when used. Thank you!

    My shift

    This really helps me to focus on my breathing and has helped me stop before I have a full panic attack. I’m so glad I bought this necklace