23 Aug /It’s not your fault

Posted by Todd Steinberg

Remember in the movie Good Will Hunting, when Robin Williams passionately implored Matt Damon to accept his past? “It’s not your fault!!” In Robin’s arms, Matt let go and wept…well shit, we all did.  In fact, we’re all a reflection of Will Hunting because we’re not capable of letting go. We’re boundlessly addicted to alerts, apps, texts, likes, streaming and scrolling. We touch our phones nearly 2,600 times per day and binge watch our shows 5 hours at a time. The consequence? We kind of lose ourselves. Whenever there’s discomfort we reach for our phones or Netflix to distract us. The discomfort is neutralized but never leaves; it just manifests itself in other ways which makes you feel like something is always missing. But listen… it’s not your fault.

We’re living in an era where multimedia is not only super accessible, it’s super unavoidable in order to function in modern times. So the addiction is technically not your fault. However, you need to learn how to balance it so you don’t drift into becoming a “basic bitch” who never really feels alive. The solution sounds (roll your eyes) simple but it’s sneaky AF. You just need to learn how to take a deep breath. NO, not the deep breath we were taught in elementary school before a spelling quiz; that was bullshit. I’m talking about a mindfully engineered breath that scientifically relaxes muscles, lowers blood pressure, and calms the mind…oh and btw bridges enlightenment. Sneaky, right?

The idea is that you wear a timeless looking bar necklace that doubles as a breathing device. Think ‘Batman’ type of super hero accessory that saves you when you need it. When an uncomfortable thought drives you to distract yourself by scrolling, just breathe into ‘The Shift’, conveniently dangling from your neck and within 60 seconds you’re ‘buz-zen’! See what I did there with buzzing and zen? Sometimes I need to make sure you guys are picking up what I’m putting down. Sooo back to the super hero aspect of the Shift. Your new super power is the ability to shift your state of mind from cranky to calm within minutes.  Instead of moments of batshit crazy, you shift to moments of batman cool.

While the science of slower pace of breath is sending a signal to your nervous system to chill, something else is happening…and its fire. The Shift was inspired by the Komusō Monks in 17th century Japan who used a flute to play hipster songs (all the rage at the time) to reach a still state of mind. By blowing ‘zen’ through the flute, they shifted their thoughts to breath and learned how to become still. The mind is incapable of thinking 2 thoughts at once so when you’re thinking about how you’re breathing, you’ve just literally changed your mind. I told you it was sneaky! Here’s the kicker; when you’re focused on breath, you can dial into the present moment which is ESSENTIAL because your mind is not stuck in the past or worried about the future…its right where it needs to be. Here. Now. This moment. 

When you can live in the present moment consistently, you experience real gratitude for the smallest details like the way it smells after it rains or how delicious that first sip of coffee tastes. You become genuinely kind to people and all living things because you realize how precious life is. You’re able to see truth and realize how out of touch with reality you once were. When you can take a breath and say to yourself, “how cool that I can actually do that;” you’ve become enlightened, all because of one conscious breath.

Look, I know what it feels like to suffer with anxiety. I was always comparing myself to others and getting really frustrated at the slightest inconveniences. I was controlled by my external environment which was a false way to live. Like the rest of us, I developed a co-dependency with my phone to distract from the discomfort. Now that I’ve shifted, I fall asleep faster, food tastes better, my relationships have improved, I’m more at peace…and ultimately, I found my calling which is to share my discovery with you.

It’s not your fault, but you have a choice to shift forward and I hope you seize the moment.

Now bring it in for that gushy Robin Williams hug.