Every person’s wellness journey starts with the right breath.

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Active Shift
John Hizon
Almost perfect

Offer larger string sizes and it would be a perfect score.

Classic Shift
Dave Coleman

Very nice piece/item! Good quality and craftsmanship.

Classic Shift
I Quit smoking with this product

I use my Komosu shift to control my breath. It makes me feel relaxed. I quit smoking so can you.

Incredibly Helpful

A great way to relax throughout your day or before a meditation. The necklace will swing around under my shirt and remind me to check my breathing throughout the day even if I don’t have the time or space to use the shift. Incredible quality of life improvement.

Beautiful Peace & Piece

I have only had this a short while, and so far, I love it. As others have mentioned, it is useful in the car, though I find while I'm studying and I get anxious, it helps with regulating my breath. It is also a really beautiful piece of jewellery, that I get comments on when I wear it. I then get to share the importance of breathing - so it's a good conversation starter for a shy introvert.

Classic Shift
Cristina L.
Komuso Classic Shift Gold

I love how my Komuso works! It's very convenient that if I need it it's right on my neck, no need to look for it. Not only it helps me when I get stressed or anxious but doubles as an accessory. Looks classy and love it. Customer service is 100% helpful, they sent me the box chain FOR FREE when I emailed them about the thin chain it came with my order. I will recommend Komuso to everyone who needs a tool to help with their anxiety.

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JuliAnn Cottone
Love it

Love the color and the washable cord.

Classic Shift
Shayne Gwinner

It truly does ground you, takes away anxiety and stress and seems like a blanket of relaxation slowly settles in after 3 big exhales

Highly effective to quit vaping

I purchased this as part my strategy to quit nicotine. Prior to this I was puffing vape every 10 mins and have been addicted to nicotine for the past 15 years.

So far komuso has been great! After two weeks without vaping I feel energized. I’m breathing more deeply and mindfully. I’m confident I’ve finally quit vaping and nicotine once and for all.

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Deshe M Gully
It's Really Helping

I've been really overwhelmed recently and this necklace came across my Instagram feed. I wear it everyday and find myself revisiting it often as a natural way to help calm me down. Very grateful for it and would recommend to anyone considering it.

Classic Shift
Stephanie McNeil
Getting used to it

Im still gettingvused to Kamuso but so far like it..especially to calm down. Im also trying to replace my vape with it..trying to use it more each day

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Steven Lenchuck
What a product

Not only do I suffer from anxiety but I also am trying to quit smoking and this tool helps with both :)

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jeff stychin
What a ceremony

This device is such a good reminder to breathe and take some time for yourself. Whether you’re switching from vaping/cigarettes or just need to calm your nerves or collect your thoughts.

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Pavlina Kose


Beautiful chain

Pretty and solid. Perfect to replace my old one.

Care Kit
Easy to Use

Simple and convenient.

Great product

Love this necklace as a tool for managing anxiety. While it is not a cure, it’s a very valuable tool. I wear it 24/7

Classic Shift

Great product with exceptional customer service!

Classic Shift
MJ Hébert
This product has already changed my life

I’ve been a smoker for over half my life. I smoked cigarettes for over ten years, quit for a year then started vaping for the last few years. I truly thought I’d never be able to stop vaping - I needed SOMETHING to take the edge off my anxiety. Using the shift has allowed that something to be my own breath. As someone who meditates and often uses breathing techniques to calm my anxiety, I was naive to think that alone was enough. The shift has been like a lifeline for me in terms of centering myself for mediation, calming my breath, and resisting the temptation to self-soothe with nicotine.

Very nice gift

Had one myself that I still use. Got one for a family member and love the style and the color. Very modern and masculine but actually could be for all gender.
Highly recommend for anxiety control

Classic Shift
Lori Qanak
5 stars

I love my Komuso Classic shift. I instantly benefitted from the longer extended exhale that it provides to help calm my nerves. I have PTSD and it saved me many times from harsher PTSD symptoms I and will continue to use it. I’ve also cut a few cigarettes out of my day because of my classic shift and the goal is to quit. I have no doubt that goal will be met sooner then later using the Shift. My nurse friend is also now looking to buy one for herself and her friend after showing it to her. It’s super cute too and minimalistic which I love since I consider myself a minimalist As well.

Peace Within

As an ICU RN, stressful situations are constant and this little tool has allowed me to regain a peaceful state of mind.

Active Shift
Sarah Fox
It’s saving my sanity

A brain tumor left me with adrenal insufficiency. I have a hard time controlling my emotions at times and have a very intense startle response (a loud noise or certain pitch of yell can make me react like a bear just came in the room) I am able to totally divert those fight or flight reactions with breathing with the shift. This is a game changer for me.

Classic Shift
Joyce Gaither
Just started using it

I like it so far , calming

Classic Shift
Leanna Bishop
Life and family CHANGING ✨✨✨✨✨

The safety that instantly comes through my body having this tool on me at all times, BEFORE, I start to breathe is incredibley beneficial to my overall state.
And then one you proceed to breathe with the extension of exhale, the calmness and stillness it brings to support me to ground into my body and away from the anxious thoughts is WILD.
PLEASE, do yourself and your families a favour and invest in this piece. Just watch the dynamics shift in your home alone when you are finally in control of your body in this way