22 Feb /PARADE

Posted by Komuso Press

Trust me when I say that this Komusō Design necklace is not just your basic jewelry (though it sure is pretty, isn’t it?).

Designed to ease anxiety and stress, and to help calm the mind when those things start to pile up, I’ve found that this simple necklace accessory is actually a great tool for keeping arguments at bay.

Listen, relationships are hard and every couple has their disagreements, but they don’t need to escalate into full-blown arguments.

Instead, when you feel your blood pressure rising, simply take a moment, step back, take a deep breath in through your nose, and slowly exhale through the Komusō Design “Shift” necklace.

It may sound strange, but it actually works great and really does ease your mind, bring clarity of thought, and a sense of relaxation.

And those are things that every relationship needs to survive.

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