Men's Shift

Men's Shift


Engineered to slow your pace of breath, The Shift is a simple yet innovative mindfulness tool to help calm your nervous system and relieve anxiety. Whenever you're feeling stressed, just take a slow breath in through your nose, then exhale for 10 seconds discreetly through the Shift to soothe tension and bring your mind back into the present moment.  We call it The Shift, because it shifts you into your best self.

    • Brass base plated
    • Shift pendant measures 2 inches in length
    • 25″ plated pullover ball chain
    • Precise circumference supports 10 second exhale
    • Food safe enamel coating

    Customer Reviews

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    Love love love

    I love it so much it reminds me to take time to breath which calms me during times of anxiety. I had to talk with company a few times and they are such a great company great customer service I was never disappointed .

    Thank You Komuso!

    This by far is the best thing I could've discovered via Instagram! I just recently started suffering from anxiety and it has helped me through, each time! I won't leave the house without it. It is beautiful and durable, which I absolutely love. I have both the rose gold and sterling silver. I keep one in my purse as a back up, in case I'm rushing out of the house and forget my rose gold one! Thank you Komuso for developing this!

    Helps me during panic

    I wear this everyday on my neck and it gives me a sense of security. It’s helped calm me down during panic attacks and I enjoy doing it at random times throughout the day just to keep me calm and centered. Well worth the money :)


    Men's Shift

    it's all about the science.

    when ordering the komusō, i was indeed experiencing anxiety, so i thought "why not give it a try?!" at first i used it for 2 minutes' time a couple times a day and immediately felt calmer, more peaceful within. then i began studying the science behind "why" a longer exhale calms the body, and now i use my komusō several times a day and a couple times during the night when i wake and my racing thoughts will not allow me to relax back into a sleep state. it is always around my neck, always, except when showering. this thing works, this komusō really does!! it's all about the science!