Women's S3

Women's S3


Engineered to slow your pace of breath, The Shift is a simple yet innovative mindfulness tool to help calm your nervous system and relieve anxiety. Whenever you're feeling stressed, just take a slow breath in through your nose, then exhale for 10 seconds discreetly through the Shift to soothe tension and bring your mind back into the present moment. We call it The Shift, because it shifts you into your best self.


  • Pendant and chain made of 316 high polish stainless steel
  • Shift pendant measures 2 inches in length
  • 28" pullover cable chain
  • Precise circumference supports 10 second exhale
  • Whisper quiet so you can use it anywhere
  • Wear it all the time... it's that durable

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 368 reviews

    So excited this was a gift for my brother and now I want one! Love love love

    Stylish and Very Effective

    I first fell in love with the shift based off how it looked. But it really is incredible how effective wearing a tool like this can be. You have a constant reminder around our neck telling you to chill the F out when you need it.

    I LOVE my Shift

    I have been waiting a long time to finally buy myself the Shift. It’s a beautiful piece of jewelry that gives me a sense of calm just wearing it. I even showed my therapist and she thought it was an awesome idea - she ordered one for herself!

    beautiful & a reminder to slow down.

    i now own two of the komuso necklaces and wear them often. i practice yoga & meditation on a daily basis and the necklace reminds me to come back to the place of calm & beauty within.

    Amazing Product

    This item has done wonders for me. I am currently struggling with my anxiety. I was only recently officially diagnosed and we still haven't got my medication quite right. It triggered some anxiety attacks and this has been the only thing that has helped. It's a true lifesaver. Anxiety attacks at work are no joke. I wear this and feel a bit better just knowing that I have a tool to help if I need it.