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Why do I even need a tool?
We all tend to forget about the simplest things, all the time. Breathing is not an exception. Apart from being a beautiful jewelry piece, the Shift is your physical reminder to breathe.

Check out a licensed therapist’s take on that...

Elizabeth P.  (Pittsburgh, US)

“Physically wearing it is definitely helping me to remember to take those minutes of calm through the day. LOVE this item, and thank you for its very thoughtful design!”


Ashley H.  (Fishers, US)

“The shift gives me a sense of calm just wearing it. I even showed my therapist and she thought it was an awesome idea - she ordered one for herself!”

How is this different from a straw?
We created The Shift in a partnership with a psychotherapist and meditation experts. We used data from over one year of testing to engineer the ideal length and diameter to produce the ideal exhale of 8-10 seconds.

Lindsay L.  (Hattiesburg, US)

I’m a respiratory therapist. I saw someone comment a straw can do the same thing....well not exactly. It doesn’t have the exact resistance this does to slow your exhalation. And much more fun than wearing a straw would be :)

How long does it take to work?
Within 2 minutes, the longer exhales activate your parasympathetic nervous system to calm your mind and body...

Tatianna S.  (Bothell, US)

As soon as I used the shift I was able to quickly calm my entire body with ease and little thought.

How do I use the Shift?
Let one of the Komuso founders take it from here. Watch a 2 minute video, it’s totally worthy of it.
How long should my exhale be?
The intention of the Shift is to extend your exhale – make it longer than your average exhale. However, deeper and longer breaths have shown better results. As long as your exhalation is longer than your inhalation you’re triggering your parasympathetic nervous system to calm your mind (aka doing it right).
What is the Shift made of?
The Shift is made from 316 high polished stainless steel which makes it extremely durable, so no need to worry about plating fading or tarnishing. We just ask you take care of your Shift as you would any piece of jewelry.
What does Japanese engraving mean?
The engraving on the back of the piece is Japanese kanji for “Be Still”. The Shift was inspired by the Komuso Monks of 17th century Japan who used a similar tool called a ‘shakuhachi’ to meditate.

We wanted to inherit their wisdom and adapt the tool to modern culture to help people slow down and become still.
What’s the difference between the Shift for her and for him?
There really is no difference between the Men's Shift and Women's Shift other than the chain it comes with.  Women's is a cable chain that measures 28" in length and is a little more delicate looking, while men's is a  25" ball chain.

Check out both chains at our shop.

How do I clean it?
We encourage you to clean the accessories by using a non-toxic cleaning agent like mild soap to clear away any residue or impurities.  You can use a cotton swab to clean the inside of the piece.
Does it help quit smoking?
We don’t have clinical data to support the Shift’s efficiency in smoking cessation. However, we have numerous verified reviews from customers who have told us that they’ve been able to quit with the help of Shift.

Since the Shift is shaped like a cigarette and performs a similar function to extend the exhale, a person is able to simulate the smoking experience with something physical and free of toxins. The extension of the exhale is then working to physiologically calm you which should regulate the craving for the cigarette.

We offer a risk free 30 day trial of the Shift.

Devin Sanders  (Lake Charles, US)

“I use it multiple times a day and it helped me stop smoking bc of the hand to mouth motion for using it. I even use it when I’m not anxious bc it helps me be entertained fore i have nervous habits”


Elizabeth Maki (Edmonton, Canada)

“I've had this for a week. I've been using it with focus and attention for three days, and haven't had a cigarette in those three days (I'm a long-time half-pack-a-day smoker). Love the way it looks, and it's such a useful tool for when you're trying to drop into a moment of mindfulness in the middle of a busy day. I fully intend to make continued good use of this necklace. Thanks Komuso!”

Does the Shift work for kids?
We don’t encourage using the Shift for those who are under 18 years old. However, we are working on a separate product for kids – learn more.
Is the Shift patented?
The Shift is patent pending (ETA Q1 2021) and fully protected for its unique utility and design.
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