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I helps me out. I’m learning to practice meditation and stuff and it guides me towards that and it helps relieving stress.

Love it💕

Absolutely works!

It has helped me take that extra minute I need before I say, think, or do something I might regret later. It is also beautiful and heavy. It’s very nice. Thank you! I will be ordering more. :)

My daughter needed this!

I purchased this for my 12 year old daughter who struggles at times with anxiety at school. She absolutely loves it and wears it everyday!! She tells me that it really helps. Great mom purchase!!

Exactly What I Needed!

I love my Komuso so much that I will be giving it as a gift moving forward. I have chrons and breathing exercises to reduce my stress is a must. Also I will be getting a Rose Gold one now just to match my outfits etc. Its not only a useful breathing exercise too but a statement jewlery piece. I absolutely love it and have gotten so many compliments.

Exceeded My Expectations!!

I was really unsure about this product & didn’t know if the marketing was just great at promoting it, or if it was a legit thing.. I did some research on how the monks used to use this technique and it has honestly helped me so much.
I suffer from daily anxiety, and I love my Komuso necklace!!! I have the female, Silver.. it is a beauty, and the little engraved symbols are gorgeous. It helps me slow my breathing and feel calm immediately after.


Surprisingly awesome.....

I was skeptical at first but this was worth the money. I realized that I was panicking at my new job and this necklace really helped me breathe through my anxiety and helped cool my anger in tense situations. Infuriating people by staying calm is really satisfying.( I'm petty. I know.) It really keeps me level. It's a good investment.

Very helpful

I like the organization

Take My Breath Away......

I gave my entire family The Shift as a Valentine's Day gift as a reminder of my unconditonal love for them and to remember to BREATHE, BE STILL and STAY HUMBLE. I can't fix this world but I was able to provide them a tool to help them reFocus their thoughts and to Ignore the Noise. They LOVED it and so do I. Best gift ever. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to my family. You all take my breath away!!! Thank you Komuso for THE SHIFT and for helping us to BE STILL and Know that He is God.

Lovely and tender!

This was a gift from my husband for Valentine 's day and I just put it on today.
I love it and am looking forward to the benefits of this beautifully made "tool" to help ease my anxiety...thank you!

helpful with anxiety and BFRB

I have been looking for ways to reduce anxiety and also reduce a body-focused repetitive behavior I do with my mouth. Though I've only had the shift necklace a short time, I've already noticed a reduction in both issues. I'm a mental health therapist and will recommend it for clients with similar issues. It's also attractive and goes with most outfits. Thank you!


It’s help me a lot....sometimes, just the fact I wear it, it’s make me feel better.

Men's S3
I choose me

The Komuso Necklace has been such a great mood shifter when I was feeling anxious. I immediately noticed as In that moment, I gradually felt a wave of calm come over me and I regained my composure. I sat there smiling, grateful for my new best bud. Thank you guys 🙏

Women's S3

Women's S3


Love this. It has really helped me be a better more calm person.

Lovely & Effective

Given one as a gift, I promptly ordered three more for my brother, sister & husband! I am a flutist so I know full well the meaning and truth behind the product, how a steady stream of breath can powerfully impact the heart.

Love love love!

I can't say more about this product. Firstly, it's beautifully packaged when it arrives. It is clear a lot of thought has gone into the shift on every level. It has been really great to wear to work. Whenever, I look down and notice it, it reminds me to take a step back and breath. I would definitely recommed to others!!

Men's S3
Helped me to slow down and be aware of my breathing

I've battled depression and anxiety for more years than I can remember. Since receiving my S3, I've become more conscious of my breathing when I start having an anxiety attack. I have begun to train my mind and body to slow down, breathe and relax into the moment with my S3. I have to say that this has become a game changer for me!! Thank you for bringing your wonderful product to the world! I will definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone that I know that needs it!!!

On my way

I just started using Komuso. I like how it helps me focus on my breathing when I’m anxious.

Its Fantastic

It’s wonderful to have a beautiful reminder around my neck to take in breaths that are needed throughout stressful days. My anxiety appreciates this kindness that The Komuso Family has created. Forever Grateful. V :)

Slow Calm

I love my Komuso!! I use it every few hours to keep myself on track and stay in the now. Also, if I ever feel anxious maybe my heart starts going and then I get into my head, I stop take out my Komuso and breathe 3-5 breathes (sometimes more) to completely sooth my body and mind. Every exhale feels like I am moving deeper into a peaceful meditation to bring my right back to my happy place.

Love this

I was skeptical but this really did help me feel better. I have anxiety and some heart issues and this really helped me bring my heart rate down when I was feeling anxious.

Men's S3
A Breath of Fresh Air

I have found a nice calm by using the S3. It's a welcome relief to know that it's always around my neck waiting to help me out when I need to take a step back and take some deep breaths. It's given me my peace of mind back.

I threw my vapes in the trash the second I tried it.

I’ve long been a proponent of breathing exercises after discovering the Wim Hof Method and picking up meditation, The Shift only serves to remind me to breathe whenever I look down at it.

I was a smoker for about three years or so, and I was able to quit using a vape, but as I gradually tapered myself down from 20mg of nicotine to 3mg [the lowest], I noticed that what I was really drawn to was the deep inhalation aspect of smoking. I could never consider myself a stressed individual even when I was smoking cigarettes.

After receiving my shift and doing my five exhalations, I opened my eyes, went straight to my closet where I was keeping my JUUL and Suorin and threw both of them in the trash. I haven’t felt a single urge to smoke or vape ever since.