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Classic Shift
Brent Hall
I love the shift

This product is amazing slows down your breath makes you feel calm, more relaxed, and very peaceful. I would recommend this product to anybody who suffers from anxiety. It does take a little bit to get used to as the video says “ may take a while to get used to the new flow” I don’t take any medication anymore and I feel peaceful.

Amazing! I felt calm right away!

Knowing that I have my Komuso with me makes me feel very safe! :)

Classic Shift
Kim Haley
Back necklace

I loved the necklace. Beautiful.

It’s arrived

It arrived today 24 Jan so early days to review. Nice shape- that’s all I can say!

Great product

I absolutely love my gold shaft and it has helped me immensely. Self care has always been so difficult for me but this is a great first step for me.

Active Shift
Shalom Wagshul
Armor Black Active Shift

Excellent product! Very relaxing, soothing exhalations! Calms me down when I'm anxious. Would definitely recommend!

Just what I needed! 🤍

This was a self-care gift to myself to kick off the new year, to remind me take a moment and center myself. I am so happy I purchased the Shift necklace! It's a cool little piece of jewelry and made with very high quality material. I love the simplicity of it. It's an amazing little tool to combat my moments of anxiety and help me "just breathe" ✨

Classic Shift
Adam Butera

Simple, effective and very stylish

Active Shift
Malia Harris
Active Shift

I used it after work one day, drove home, & took a 2 hour nap which seldom happens. I had my doubts, but I love my shift!! It was worth the money!

Classic Shift
Wife loves it

She gets several compliments on her classic Komosu. Breathing seems to work. Quality seems excellent


The shift has really helped me. I have always had the issue of simply forgetting to breathe. Now with the shift I am always wearing a beautiful reminder to breathe. It has also been very helpful when suffering from an anxiety attack or if I find myself getting stressed.

Classic Shift
Pamela McW. Gore

I first saw the Shift a little more than a year ago on Pinterest. After searching and attempting to find various ways to relieve anxiety, I decided to revisit the Komoso website. I showed the Shift to my Hubby and he gave it to me for my birthday. It’s been one of the best gifts ever !!!! Wearing the Shift around my neck reminds me to allow myself to take a moment to breathe. Upon exhaling, I find myself calming down even if I’m not having a stressful moment. Just knowing that I don’t have to use an app or reach for a cd (which I can’t always carry with me) is a relief in itself. The Shift in such a convenient yet classy design, helps to guide me to a moment of calm and relaxation. I’m also grateful for helpful, in-depth info on the website.

Active Shift
Deborah Goldin
Good product

I really like the shift. I think it is promising.

Cuff Shift
Brienne Derosier
Game changer!

The Cuff Shift is not only a stunning piece of architectural jewelry, it's also an incredibly useful reminder to stay centered and breathe deeply and freely. I've purchased four more for all of my family members, especially the ones trying to quit smoking #genius

Classic Shift
Lisa S.
The Best Customer Service

When I saw this necklace on a popular Influencer, I knew my daughter had to have it to help with her ADHD and anxiety. I was so excited to give it to her, I couldn't even wait until Christmas. She LOVED it, and it appears to be made of the highest quality materials. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the chain broke on her first day of wearing it and the charm was lost. I immediately contacted Komuso and they were amazing - they sent a one-time replacement right out. I will always be loyal to companies that have great customer service, and this is one. I can't wait to see how this necklace continues to help my daughter!

Worth every penny

For me, the Shift has done everything that it claimed to do. I have felt calmer, I have had so much less anxiety that I haven't had to take my anxiety medication since getting it. I'm learning to breathe the proper way and to find focus and calm among the chaos of my everyday life. Wearing the Komuso Shift around my neck is a constant reminder of the importance of breath work and grounding and it has honestly helped me so much. I am very, very grateful to have found this wonderful tool, and I will cherish it forever. I hope others will continue to learn about it and find it for's not a cure-all for every problem, but it is such a big help!


It’s so convenient to keep my breathing practice close to my heart! I feel calm and relaxed when I’m breathing with Komuso.

Classic Shift
margie larmon
very good

My daughter loves it!!

Active Shift
Jen Beasley
Good product

Great product Totally worth buying

Classic Shift
Chuck Tuss
Love My Classic Shift

The Classic Shift is amazing!! It allows my to stay centered and grounded so I can think and operate clearly. I absolutely LOVE my Classic Shift!!

Care Kit
Gr Ace

Was given as a gift. She loves it and can’t wait to incorporate it to he daily life. I plan on buying 2 more, when I can get some money saved…

Classic Shift
Stephan Kelly
Second purchase

We've had a shift for years but decided to get a gold instead of the sterling silver. Now she has another to use with different outfits so we're definitely happy with it. So happy in fact I not only bought a 2nd shift but also the "active" variant. Hopefully that will be just as stylish and effective.

Gifted to me

This was gifted to me from my mother & it works great.

Loving it

It's definitely a calming and relaxing tool, I'm enjoying it.

Classic Shift
Heather Hebert
Great piece

I actually got this for my husband who gets anxiety attacks. I used to also but have since learned my stressors and do my best to avoid them. But when I would have panic attacks, I would start to hyperventilate and start to lose consciousness. I had to MAKE myself breathe in and out to regain control. I tried out the shift and I absolutely love the idea. I’m hoping that my husband likes it too. I adore the design, very fashion forward and sleek. I got the box chain and I really like how it looks.

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