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Copy of The Shift


Copy of The Shift

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Men's S3
19 year old LOVES IT!

Thank you so much. My son is away (or was until the virus) at university. I knew your product would be perfect for him. He prefers to carry it with instead of using the chain. He says it was very simple to understand and most of all IT WORKS!

He feels better already! I might get one for each family member.

Take care. :). Xx. Sheri

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Men's S3
Really helps

I purchased this for the first time for my niece who has terrible anxiety. Since then I’ve bought one for myself and my son. It really helps to slow your breathing and ease the anxiety.

The gift for my husband

The customer service was so great at helping, upgrading and delivery. I bought it as a gift for my husband who plays harmonica when he is stressed. He seems to like the shift. He wears it all the time.

Fashionable & functional

This necklace is sleek, fashionable, and helps me to remember to breathe. Just knowing I have it on and what it’s for, is calming within itself. Glad I purchased.

I adore it!

It’s exactly what I have been looking for! It’s adorable, trendy, meaningful, powerful, and effective! It’s all that in one little necklace stylish necklace! Will be purchasing for my boyfriend next!

I love it

At first I thought it wouldn’t work. But I’m glad the curiosity got the best of me and I made the purchase. I love it!!! It calms me when I’m anxious or stressed out about everyday things like work or personal day to day life.


This was a gift to my daughter , she loves it ! This is a great way to help reduce stress and anxiety, thank you!

Pretty and relaxing.

I’m wearing mine right now as I type this. I take pauses during the day to take deep breathes, even after things get exciting at work. I feel more grounded after my breathing ritual.

Men's S3
Has seemingly changed my life substantially!!

I know it only seems like a small necklace but it is so much more!! The physical reminder to slow down and breathe while listening to the quiet sound of your exhale takes your mind off all things troubling you and relaxes you greatly!

You can truly feel the shift

You can truly feel the shift inside you when you breath through this. It helps can and centre you. I love that it's always with me when needed. And it's beautiful. I use it for my meditations as well.

Love so much

I love this beautiful tool. It helps me focus my breathing and find my calm

Its a Shift to a Better Road

The Shift has been a great resource when struggling with anxiety. It has been a Shift to a Better Road because it has brought over all wellness to me....."Go With the Shift"

This is a game changer

Thank you for creating this wonderful product. It’s been a game changer and I’ve appreciated this so much. Thank you. I’d recommend it to anyone considering. This is a miracle. Do yourself a favour and show yourself some love. Click the order button and thank yourself for the calm you are about to receive.

Women’s S3

Really helps to calm me down during any anxious moment.

Women's S3
I am so glad I ordered this product!

I saw Kumoso advertised on a YouTube video I was watching. I thought about it for a few days. Although my finances are limited, I ordered it, because I know if I think it is something that can really benefit me, it’s a good investment!
This product has been so unbelievably helpful for me! Wearing it around my neck keeps me aware that I need to be aware of how I am breathing.
With all this Coronavirus situation going on, & our country’s financial situation changing, this breathing tool has been absolutely perfect to assist me with my meditation, & helping my mind help my body stay calm. I bought the rose gold colored one, & the metal is very high quality. Great great product!!!-Laura from Colorado

A great reminder

This has been a great tactile reminder to stop & relax, especially while working. I get anxious more often than I realized before. Bonus: It’s pretty and I can pair it with other jewelry so easily!

Men's S3
The shift

Using my shift has led to better meditations and has kept me more grounded for when i feel stressed

I love the Shift, I wear it as a necklace, and always have it available. RELAXing.
Todd was super nice and accommodating with helping me out! I highly recommend The Komuso Family!

It's been almost a month

The shift not only brought calm back into my life but I've also been able to quit smoking ! I smoked for 15+ years and it's been a little over a month now since I've been able to stop!! I definitely feel blessed to have this little thing in my life!!

Shift Truley Amazing

Love my Shift beside helping me with my breathing and giving a feeling of calm it looks beautiful as jewelry. I have gotten many compliments, but they are even more amazed when I tell them the true function of the Shift. Love it!

Women's S3

I have been enjoying it so much. I've gotten complements to "what's that?. I am finding I'm really enjoying it these days

Very Helpful

This is exactly what I needed. Now more than ever with the Caronavirus. I would recommend the shift to anyone who has stress, anxiety and is constantly worrying. Nit only is it a beautiful piece of jewelry, it’s also a life saver. Thank you