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Purchased as a gift

My order arrived within 3 days. I peeked in the box as it was a gift. The chain as well as the Shift are beautiful. I purchased the sterling silver Shiff. My giftee was surprised and thankful. She keeps texting me that the Shift has been making a difference for her!

Provides quiet during my hectic day!

I am a middle school teacher at a at risk school. This has helped me so much when things have gotten out of hand with some of the students. It brings me back to the present and provides me the opportunity to refocus on what needs to be accomplished.

It made a perfect gift ...

I bought this as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend. She loves her Kosmuso and wears it everyday. She swears it helps to calm her, to slow her breathing and remind her to relax. Sometimes just the weight of the Kosmuso around her neck recenters her. I definitely have not had any regrets with this purchase.

Happy Daughters

I purchased a Komodo for each of my two grown daughters. They absolutely love them and commented that they always use them when they’re feeling stressed out on their jobs. They feel so much more calmed when they use them and it has helped them get through some tough projects. I’m so glad I made the purchase!

Transformed my relationship with anxiety!!

I can't RAVE more about my Komuso. I've recommended it to so many people!! I'm an anatomy nerd and through my study of the body, I learned about the downregulating effect of stimulating the vagus nerve with breathing and working with the branch of the nerve in the face. So, I used to just carry a straw around with me to breathe through. I couldn't have been more excited when I found this necklace! It really helps with my anxiety. I feel most anxious when I drive on the highway, but if I breathe through it, I'm able to manage my nerves so much better and get where I'm going safely. Get this necklace!


Whenever I’m feeling a little anxious and stressed it brings me back to calm! It’s a beautiful and functional tool ♥️
Thank you

Beautiful Necklace and a Good Reminder!

I am so happy with my purchase. Have been wearing it everyday. It reminds me when things get stressful to take a moment. ❤️ It!

It’s all about the achieving the long exhale...

I received my The Shift necklace (in silver) ten days ago. I’m absolutely in love with the concept, the design, and the history behind it. Komusō technology dates back to 17th century Japanese monks; who used a similar tool to meditate. The Shift’s small circumference slows your breath as you exhale for 10 seconds at a time. It’s not about the inhale, and as someone who practices yoga, meditation, and breath work, I even sometimes forget about it’s all about the exhale. Long exhales are like sending a direct message to the parasympathetic nervous system, saying, relax.

Helped me, beautifully!

I love the shift! It’s made so well and it’s like a small piece of art! It’s weight feels good around my neck and reminds me to breathe slowly. I had a recent incident happen that has caused me anxiety and the shift has grounded me time and time again. Thank you so much for your amazing creation! 🙏

Excellent Tool!

A Unique and Powerful Tool!

Great Find

Wearing the necklace helps me stay calm just knowing it’s there. When I use it I get a deep calm that I was needing.

Love This! 😍

I love my Shift necklace! It allows me to have a quiet, return to center moment everytime I wear it. It has also helped a lot with my panic attacks. I have the rose gold with gunmetal chain. It goes with absolutely everything! This company is amazing and I will buy again from them!

Helpful & Beautiful

I receive compliments on my necklace all the time, but that’s only a perk to the purpose of the necklace. I usually breathe into my necklace when I’m stopped in my car. Incredibly helpful to really calm me down in a stressful environment. This necklace refocuses my thinking and truly allows me to calm down. Although it is expensive, it’s more than just a necklace and I would highly recommend anyone with anxiety issues to purchase this necklace.

Love this!!!

I wear mine every single day and feel naked without it. I often use it at work to help get myself centered. I love mine!

Where have you been all my life?

I have GAD, panic disorder and insomnia. My shift has helped me in those moments where I can’t catch my breath. Even when I start feeling my heart race, I just hold it, know that it’s there and it comforts me. Having a physical tool to help me through my rough moments is proving to be very helpful. Plus... it’s so pretty!

Love it

Keeps me calm and focused. High quality and stylish. I wear it every day!

Love it, but I have not noticed any difference.

Lots of comments

I wear The Shift everyday to work. I work retail and I get a lot of comments and questions about it. I love that just wearing it reminds me to slow down and breathe.


Works just as far love it and recommend to multiple friends. Would definitely recommend.

Love it!

It calms me down so much. Although, I'm not sure if it's supposed to make noise or not when you're doing right, and I couldn't documentations anywhere about it.

Totally wanna buy another one in a different color eventually!

Great breathing tool

Great meditation / breathing tool. Helps one focus on their breath and release tention with the body. Great product! Very pleased!

Great Item

The Shift is great tool and has been wonderful. A couple weeks after i got the chain broke and Komuso offered to sent me a replacement chain. i could be more please with the purchase or excellent customer service. Thak you Komuso!

The Shift

This piece of beautiful design meeting ancient breathing principles does everything it claims. For me it is a constant reminder to slow and breathe. Not only do I get compliments on it every time I wear it, it genuinely calms my breath and ultimately heart and mind. Practical and lovely. Thank you for creating. Highly recommend :)

I lost mine

I absolutely loved this necklace but sadly I lost it not too long after receiving it. Such a great thing to have when you have 4 teenagers abs just need to breathe


I have alot of anxiety. My list goes on. Learning skills to calm down never worked. I always went to deep breathing but it's so hard to remember to do and to actually do sometimes. This shift actually can take my racing mind and calm it. I thought if there's a chance it works, I should buy it, and I'm glad I did. As someone who struggles with day to day function, this is a life saver. Thanks @komuso