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Amazing product

I bought this for my daughter who suffers from severe social anxiety and depression. She took to it like a fish to water. She loves it! She always has it around her neck and I see that when we are out in social situations she will use it to regulate her breathing. And no one has a clue what it is because it just look like she put her necklace in her mouth. So yes, I would highly recommend it! I am so glad I saw the ad for it on Instagram.

This necklace is amazing!

This necklace really works to calm my breathing. Thank you!

Such a Simple Tool with a Massive Impact

The pressure during the day inside of business has me constantly on edge some days, maybe not outwardly, but inside. When I find the pressure rising, a couple of breaths through this and I'm reset, ready for action. It is no secret that we can control our state with our breath, yet knowing that doesn't change the fact that I don't do it, having this around my neck also serves as a reminder. My wife and I both have one, and our kids use them when they themselves find their emotions storming up. Highly recommend, will make a huge difference in your state of being when used. Thank you!

My shift

This really helps me to focus on my breathing and has helped me stop before I have a full panic attack. I’m so glad I bought this necklace



Women's Shift

My Shift Necklace

I love it. It's beautiful, stylish and comforting.

Beautiful pieces of multi functional jewelry!

I purchased 2, one in gold and one in silver. I wear one of them every single day. Quality pieces that I receive many compliments on.

Excellent gift

Bought it for my daughter. She loves it, said it helps.

Gift for my gf

My girlfriend deals with a lot of anxiety and this was something we had seen and she showed interest in. Once it came in the whole thing was perfect. The packaging was beautiful, the actual piece was spectacular, it’s simple and subtle but still very beautiful. She’s been so happy with the piece, thanks guys 10/10

Great item

I love this necklace! Great item.


Great product and fast shipping


So very helpful and important!!!


I love it and you can use it anywhere because it appears as jewelry.


I was skeptical, but this has been helping me anxiety like I cannot even believe. Five deeps breaths really calms me and shifts my focus! this is a life changer!

Am loving my Shift!

I know many say how about just breathing and counting but no this really helps to feel calm or relaxed right after using it. I wear it every single day since I got it and use it thru the day.

It's really worth it

I sat and stared at it for weeks before I finally pulled the trigger. I mean, it seems stupid. I know I just need to breathe. I'm a yoga teacher, I know how to breathe. But instead I subsist on shallow breaths. Within the first day of using it, I could feel a noticeable difference in my anxiety. If you need a tool to find calm and recenter, you need this. If you have anxiety and wonder if this will help, you should give it a try. It's worth every penny.

Slow down, breathe easy

Love my Shift necklace. I use it during exams and studying to help keep me calm. Love having a physical reminder to breathe!

Yes... You Got Me.

Okay! So I bought this as a birthday gift to myself. Initially, I wasn't going to keep it and printed the return label and was ready to send it back. Then, I took the time to learn to use it properly. Yes! It works.... Seriously, I am happy to have my Shift. I almost missed out on the benefits. My anxiety can register pretty high at times and this helps to slow things down a bit for me. Again, It absolutely works for me. Awesome!

Great product

Great product, very helpful to reduce my anxiety.

I love it!!

It’s definitely helped me with coming my anxiety and I’ve noticed that I use it quite a bit during the day without even thinking about it... It’s also helped me to relax a bit before I try to go to sleep. I suffer from insomnia, and it’s been a blessing to be able to calm myself before bed.

Men's Shift

Unable to Accurately Review

I ordered my shift around the beginning of July and the delivery notification said it was delivered on July 10th , but it never showed up. I contacted customer service and Todd has sent me out a new one. Rating currently sits at 3 stars because Todd was very understanding and helpful, and once I receive my new shift I'll be able to provide a better overall review of the product and the Komuso experience as a whole.

Love love love

I love it so much it reminds me to take time to breath which calms me during times of anxiety. I had to talk with company a few times and they are such a great company great customer service I was never disappointed .

Thank You Komuso!

This by far is the best thing I could've discovered via Instagram! I just recently started suffering from anxiety and it has helped me through, each time! I won't leave the house without it. It is beautiful and durable, which I absolutely love. I have both the rose gold and sterling silver. I keep one in my purse as a back up, in case I'm rushing out of the house and forget my rose gold one! Thank you Komuso for developing this!