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Excellent Service

Komuso has an excellent customer service. My first packaged got lost and the second package was damaged. Throughout all of this they were extremely helpful and went above and beyond. I finally recieved a third one which came in perfectly. It looks amazing and I am super happy with it. Thank you so much!

Women's Shift

love it but....

I love the necklace however i had to stop wearing it because of having an allergy to the metal of the necklace I think... Wish it came in white gold... But I think im gonna buy a white gold chain and see if that works..

Women’s Shift

First off, it’s beautiful and I love the inscription on it. I have used it to slow myself to gain patience.
I have only worn it a couple of times but plan on wearing/using a lot going forward.

Good reminder to breathe

You have to practice on this because when you have a high level of anxiety, it’s hard to bring it down even with this.

Great customer service

I had a couple mishaps as it pertained to the order and the delivery that were 100% my fault. These guys went above and beyond to accommodate. Great customer service!

Woman's Shift

I love it. I wear it as a necklace and use it when I feel anxious, frustrated or emotional. It brings me back into the moment and helps me shift from a sense of helplessness to control.

Shifting Your Headspace

My sisters birthday was coming up and I was on the hunt to find a gift, while scrolling through instagram the ad for Komuso popped up. I checked out their page and decided that this would not only be the perfect gift for her, but for me as well. We both have anxiety, stress easily gets to us and just overall tend to be emotional beings haha. I received the shift and used it right away, I immediately felt my body shift and tingles wash over me as my body calmed. I now use it every day. Even just having it around my neck is comforting and brings me a sense of calm knowing it is there when I need it. I knocked off a star because my sisters clasp on her necklace was broken. However, Komuso quickly responded to me and sent her a new chain. Also, I've noticed that the whistling sound it tends to make comes from the two holes from the metal loop where the chain goes through. So there is a design flaw in that sense. The whistling noise tends to throw off my head space as I try to get it not to do whistle. It makes it loud and makes me not want to do it at my desk at work. OVERALL, I love this device and it has brought me a new understanding on how important proper breathing technique is. I also vape and have an oral fixation, this curbs the need to smoke as often as I did so that is a huge added bonus!


Magical!!! Very elegant, I love wearing it and it helps me relax just having it close to my chest. When I practice, it works like no other breathing exercise I have done before.


love the quality of this and as also a beautiful piece of jewelry

Women's Shift

Love these!

I bought one for myself and one for my best friend and I am obsessed with these. The design is beautiful, and it actually works!

Just wearing it helps me relax

There is a weight to the necklace so you always know it’s on. That helps me in itself but using it really does slow things down. Love it. Great gift also.

Slows my exhale and calms me!

I love my breathing necklace! In the beginning it whistled when I didn’t it want to, and it was silent when I wanted to whistle. With practice I got better. I just used it at long 2 days back to back work conference. One colleague asked if it was a dog whistle. Another one asked if I had CBD in my vape tool ;) :). We laughed it off and I breathed each time I felt myself in need of focus or just when I felt I was disconnecting from the meeting! Love it!


I love my shift and it does calm me down when needed. I recommended it to several friends.

pretty and functional

Yes, it may seem (or actually be) a bit ridiculous to spend so much on something a straw could accomplish. BUT, it is a necklace, whenever you need it, it is right where it needs to be. it helps that it really is pretty too!

this is pretty enough and simple enough to wear with any outfit, or hide it under your clothes.

Not sure how to actually use it

The necklace itself is very pretty and I wear it every day, I am just not sure how to actually use it. I guess wearing though gives me a sense of calm.

Worth a try

I purchased the silver necklace, very good quality. Next test I wore it and to my surprise help though a panic attack. I find it to be useful. And looks good too.

Love this!

I bought this for my daughter. She has anxiety and calls me everyday from the school nurse’s office. Called I should say. Since I bought her one she’s been so happy and at ease at school. If she gets nervous she knows to just breathe and it will be okay. I can’t thank this company enough for what they’ve given her. I’m getting myself one too!

Anxiety Relief

LOVE my necklace! It is remarkable how much it helps to focus on my breathing and take my thoughts off what is making me anxious! A true game changer if you suffer from anxiety!

Women's Shift

Game Changer!

I have had my necklace for about one month now and I love it! I find myself slowing down and using the shift when I am feeling overwhelmed. The necklace is very comfortable and I have received many compliments on its design. I am so happy I decided to purchase my Komuso Shift.

Solid piece

Looks nice and does what it says it does. I could only complain that it makes a whistling sound sometimes if you breathe too quickly

Great for my friend!

Bought this for a friend. She loves it and wears it all the time!!!


I love my komuso.. helps me a lot to shift my energy and grounded..

M so thankful I found komuso and I use it everyday to my practice..
It helps me so much...

Sending abundance of light and love.
Namaste 🙏
-Noemi Do