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Love it!

I love wearing my Komuso pendant. Just wearing it calms me down! It has definitely helped me take much needed pauses during my day. In fact, it has been so effective that I bought one for my boyfriend. And I get so many compliments on it! Highly recommended.

Life changer!

Using this has my co -workers commenting on how calm, balanced and happy I seem to them. I am able to easily calm myself down. I use it on my commute to work, while working on the computer, before meals. It is a way to practically apply breathing techniques to daily Life. Like an Ashram on your necklace!


My wife says it helps with anxiety. Good buy.

Women’s S3: A fashionable wellness choice

This small and fashionable tool goes a long way in bringing an intentional wellness practice into my day to day. I have seen a genuine shift in my overall breathing patterns, as well as a strengthening in my ability to calm my nervous system and recenter my mental focus when I begin to experience stress. It is not only good for use, but it is also good for forming intentional wellness habits. It is a worthwhile lifestyle purchase!

'little reminder'

The shift has become a great reminder, many times a day for me to slow down and breathe! The necklace itself is very fashionable and well constructed. It is quite long so dangles against clothing, sink edges, etc but, as I said, these become the reminders whether you go on to actually breathe into the Shift or not each time. Of course using the Shift as instructed is best. So far, I can say it has been very effective!

Perfect Timing

I decided to get this and I got it during a time when I was less stressed out living my life. But recently my neighbor has decided to smash on my door and make my life a living hell, on top of work also being stressful; this is a great mediator. It's like before my lungs and breathing was always stressed and weak. Now it's strong and calm. It's a work out for your lungs & It's worth it!

Thanks Kamuso !
I'd love another haha.

Love it!

Very high quality and pretty. It has helped me focus my breath during anxious moments, and I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it as well!


Love love it! It is very calming and helpful when it’s a stressful day. Will buy one for my daughter soon!

Men's S3
Thank You

It's a lifesaver. When I get stressed, it really helps me to become present and to calm myself down

Women's S3
It’s convenient

It’s an empty little tunnel to exhale out of. Nice piece of jewelry, durable. Attractive. Probably overpriced honestly but when I fidget it gives me something to focus on.

Very helpful calming piece

Lovely piece that could be mistaken for jewlery alone, but it's my secret weapon when I get panic attacks. Worth every penny.

I ordered a men’s

I really don’t know if I have a men’s or women’s but I like the design more than anything

Men's S3
Amazing quality and design

Worth every penny

I (almost) never take it off!

I recieved my shift as a Christmas present and loved the concept as soon as I opened it (I have both clinical and general anxiety). The shift really helps me hold my focus to the control of my breath and center for meditation. It has also helped me control my breathing (and thus control my anxiety) in the middle of busy work shift (I tend bar, so focus is important). After two days with mine, I decided to pay it forward and surprise a dear friend with one and she loves hers as well!

The reminder

Its the perfect weight to have hanging close to your chest. Even when the circumstance doesn't lead to being able to use it, it is the reminder to breathe through the circumstance

Men's S3
Peace of mind

Didn’t feel like I was finding relief from this item until I forgot it at home one day. Just the weight of it around your neck provides a sense of relief.

The best gift she's ever received.

My girlfriend thanks me often for her komuso s3. She calls it her whistle, lol. Every time I leave her, I make sure it's close to her. Thank you for such a perfect and beautiful product.

Love it!

I suffer from panic attacks and saw an ad for the shift on Instagram. I was skeptical at first especially for the price but decided to take a risk on it. I am not disappointed it's such a simple thing but has prevented me from going into several bad panic attacks. So far I'm very grateful to have it with me and in my opinion one less panic attack is worth the 100$.

The best!

I originally got this to help with breathing and my anxiety and it totally helped not to mention it's so pretty and I get compliments on how pretty my necklace is, but it has also helped me to quit vaping which is wonderful. Thanks!

Women's S3

Peace on the go

I love it. Simply love it. First of all, the quality is top notch. I got the rose gold and it’s the prettiest shade of rose. It compliments any kind of outfit I wear whether sporty or dressy and I love that I can get a quick dose of calm anywhere I am. I use it when I get that sudden feeling of angst coming on or even when I’m stressed in traffic. It’s like having a little therapist around your neck.

Sleek product

I love the look of the necklace. It surprised me how much it really does slow and extend your exhale. Great customer service too. I inquired about a shorter chain option and one was special ordered and arrived within a few days!

Works Great!

The customer service was excellent and extremely kind to me when I had questions about placing my order!

I bought this as a gift for a loved one who sometimes gets overwhelmed with stress/worry or anxious thoughts as many people do. She has had trouble meditating, but this has absolutely been a help! I wouldn’t say it’s been an overnight change but can certainly be used as a tool whenever feelings like that arise to slowly but surely develop a sense of calm and change your thoughts and response to stress over time.

Women's S3

Very good quality

Very nice and exceptional.