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I am instantly snapped into the present moment full of a sense of awareness. Love the Komuso!

Mindfulness in necklace form

I wear my Komuso everyday! It not only goes with my style, but is the perfect tool to utilize when feeling anxious &/or stressed. Definitely slows my mind and increases mindfulness breathing.

Women's Shift
Love it!

It helps me with my anxiety and calms me during stressful times

Amazing tool to be in the present moment.

When I get overwhelmed, I take a deep breath into my nose wait and breathe out my shift. I feel grounded.

Love my Shift! 🧘‍♀️❤

breathing and relaxation..

Love it helps with breathing and relaxation..

Great purchase

I love it! Helps me relax and it's a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Women's Shift

Men's Shift

A physical manifestation of calm

The komuso is a nice way to pause and breathe deeply. Just wearing it is a good reminder to be mindful and to take deep breaths. I have received a few comments about wearing a whistle so the aesthetics aren't quite so smooth but it's given me the chance to share my excitement about deep breathing and mindfulness with others.


A beautiful piece of jewelry with added benefits.

Worth it!

Just wearing it is a reminder to pause and breath, using it is even better! I immediately feel the tension ease.

Gift for my son

I bought this as a gift for my son. He suffers from anxiety and I thought this would be a great thing for him to try. I wasn’t sure if he would actually use it. He called my not long after giving it to him and said he loves it! It has really helped him to calm down and focus on his breathing. He was very appreciative and said it was a very thoughtful gift.

All is well

Learning to really enjoy this beautiful piece of jewelry. Takes a little practice, but then so does life. Had some questions for customer service and they were extremely helpful and fast with their replies. It is a talking point when people see it and I’m having fun sharing its purpose. Thank you!

Beautifully made. I can feel my body relax.

I have an extremely stressful job. At times I find it hard to just relax. Thank you for making a product that allows me to focus on my breathing. When I feel overwhelmed or anxious I just breathe in and breathe out using the kumoso. Thank you.

Beautiful gift

My friend loved it for her 50th birthday!

Perfect Special Gift

We bought this for our husband/dad for his 40th birthday. As someone with a stressful job and someone who appreciates good clean design aesthetic, the Komuso is both an elegant and functional gift and he loves it. Plus, he says, it really does work to calm and relax him. Win/win!

If you find yourself taking short breaths, buy this product!

Great product and phenomenal customer service. Considering buying more for gifts this Christmas. Recommend requesting the longer chain.


This is a really beautiful necklace, but so far I can't tell if it is helping me to relax.

calms my body down.

i really love this product. it sounds kind of stupid to say but it has shown me that i wasn’t breathing properly before when i was trying to mediate. I now breath i a different way that gives me more of a visceral experience and calms my body down. thanks.

Works for me!

I am so pleasantly surprised by how this works. I really do feel like I'm slowing my mind and focusing on the present when I use the Shift. I also feel like just having it around my neck is a lovely, subtle reminder to just breathe - even if I'm not actually exhaling into it! Give it a try, you've got nothing to lose!!

Very Helpful!

I love it! Wearing The Shift is a constant reminder to stay calm and grounded. Also, during times of Stress, I use it works to refocus my attention to my breathing and help me settle. It is a great mindfulness tool and looks great too!

The prefect gift

I brought this necklace for my daughter for her birthday. She has worn it everyday since and I know she feels more comfortable and prepared for her next anxiety attack. Thank goodness that could this website!

Women's Shift

Love this necklace

As beautiful as it is functional. I’ve gotten so many compliments on this. And it DOES work as discribed!