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Very chic and elegant!

Didn't know what to expect but i actually love this thing. I use it at work mostly when i get anxiety. I got compliments on it too!

Thank you sooo much!!!!! This Shift makes a subtle statement as an accessory and gets me thru a sometimes stressful moment. Seriously, it truly works. ….and it makes an impressive Holiday gift.
Share it!!!!

A life changer !! After many years of dealing with anxiety panic attacks and depression this allows me to stop think and explore another option to control my thoughts what a great product I’m really enjoying it thank you again for such a quick delivery

I love my new shift. The design is clean and the matte slate finish is ideal for a guy like me who wouldn’t normally want to wear jewelry. I have used mine daily in situations where my anxiety kicks in and it is unbelievable the difference I feel immediately. Definitely worth every penny!

hat could be better than a beautiful accessory that calms my mind?!? Thank you for the stillness!

I can’t say enough incredible things about The Shift and how it’s not only changed my life, but my entire family’s. I’m more calm, happy, and grounded these days, and it’s all due to this amazing piece of beauty. You owe it to yourself (and your loved ones) to live as the best possible version you can be. The Shift has helped make that possible. I thank you, and my family thanks you. 🙏🏻

The compliments are endless when I wear my rose gold shift. Not only is this a beautiful piece of jewelry, but it serves a purpose. The shift is teaching me how to breath myself into a calm state of mind. Thank you Komuso!

Besides being a beautiful piece of jewelry of excellent quality, The Shift has notably helped me control my levels of anxiety. I highly recommend the Shift as a gift for yourself or a loved one! Give a gift of serenity and stillness!

absolutely love this necklace.

It is beautiful and I get so many complimens when i wear it but more importantly it really helps with my anxiety.

I won’t leave the house without it and whenever I am feeling anxious I inhale normally then exhale through the device for 10 seconds.

If i’m ever in a situation where I can’t put the necklace in my mouth (in public), then I simply hold onto it and let it serve as a reminder to exhale slowly.

Exhaling slowly tricks the mind so it realizes “hey, obviously nothing is wrong here if she’s breathing slowly,” so this device really works.

I’ve had multiple people buy it (in all different colors) and love it after hearing me talk about it!

I showed it to my therapist who thought it was a wonderful idea. This is going to be my new go to gift for anyone I know who suffers from anxiety or wants to enhance their breathing.

Also, shipping is quick and customer service is great and responds in a timely manner.

Love this necklace, especially the rose gold! I always have people asking me about the piece and complimenting me on the design!

It’s an added bonus that it can help calm me during any time I’m feeling anxious or when I need to cool off when my 3 boys are driving my crazy 🙂

Different sleek

I was skeptical that something this simple could really help but now i consider it an anchor that i wear to remind me to relax and not be so tight. I use it at work to just get through the day sometimes too. It’s so pretty too!!

I saw an article in Shape Magazine about this and figured i would try it because i get anxious sometimes. I LOVE how pretty it is and use it almost everyday. I actually pay attention to my breath now. Thanks guys!

Such an original concept! my mom got this for me as a gift and i really like it. People ask me about it wherever i go too. I call it my chill stick lol. Highly recommend it!

I heard about this from a friend and had to check it out. It’s seriously my new favorite necklace. I have to clean it from time to time but it really does work for me. I’m signing up to be an ambassador too!! 🙂

I get soooo many compliments on my Shift! I liked the gold chain because it matches my other jewelry too. I’m getting this for my mom for mother’s day so she can chill out lol.

I love my shift. It reminds me to take a moment to be present. Thank you so much for putting such thought and care into this beautiful product!

Just got my Shift and I love it! What a cool gift too

My mom got me this as a gift and i am obsessed! I have anxiety at work so it's nice to have a physical thing to help me

Just received my necklace and it is beautiful. Just tried the necklace and I could immediately feel a calmness right after. BUT I do have one big complaint …. being a Japanese American, I immediately was puzzled with the inscription on the necklace. I feel a little irritated and feel like once again people are using the Japanese language to look unique but is used incorrectly. Instead of writing 静 け さ (shizukesa) vertically they broke apart the second character け which does not make sense. I’m not sure if they meant to do this in terms of spacing, but there is no other way of reading it….

Bought as a gift for Mother’s Day. I own one in silver and my mom and I love them. They are beautiful and functional. I also had one of the most positive customer service experiences with this company. Due to a back order issue, the product I originally ordered was not available. They emailed me and provided multiple options (upgrades) at no extra cost to me!

This concept spoke to me. I’ve been looking for a fresh idea to calm the mind. I’m excited to receive my first SHIFT whistle necklace and to see where it takes me.

I got my Shift after a super pleasant exchange with customer service on Instagram. I was initially interested in this product as a wellness tool but quickly found after I started using it that it was the smoking cessation tool I’d always needed! After years of taking deep inhales while simultaneously ingesting nicotine, I’d trained my body to associate relaxing deep breathing with the consumption of nicotine. Inhaling through the shift I get the tight draw feeling of hitting a vape or cigarette without the nicotine! In short order, I began to associate deep breathing with the shift and deep exhales with grounding. The fact that I can wear it around my neck and have it as a constant reminder of my practice helps me not pick up a cigarette and replaces a destructive habit with a beautiful new practice. Life changing!

I found you guys from SHAPE magazine and ordered it. I realized i’ve been holding my breath when i get anxious which only makes it worse. The Shift is really cool and i wear it all the time now, i’m going to tell my friends about it! Wish you would make one for kids too!