Every day, we take 23,000 breaths, while 50,000 thoughts race through our minds. On average, 80% of those thoughts are negative. Rotezen is designed to change that. If you follow the path defined by the daily templates, and commit to doing the exercises each day, you can nurture your mental health and reimagine your potential.

Journaling and micro adjustments create opportunities to:

What’s inside Rotezen?

We provide the weekly and monthly framework and templates. All you need
to do is turn the page and follow the prompts.

Daily Template: to organize each day around this routine.

Weekly Maxims: to inspire exploration and growth each week.

Daily Prompts: to center your day and focus your growth.

Guided Conversations: therapist-led explanations for weekly maxims.

Breathing Techniques: basic techniques to enhance calm and focus.

Bonus: 1% of proceeds goes to the Stop AAPI Hate organization.

And then I let routine slip

I stopped writing in the mornings. I stopped journaling every night... Everything I had been so consistent with throughout the pandemic, all the work I had put into nurturing a routine, disappeared.

And then I started over. Again. And the result? Rotezen. I recommitted to daily micro-adjustments, small tweaks in the day-to-day that can lead to powerful habit changes. This book captures the process that helped me reset the future. I hope it can help you.

Aaron Hurst, Komuso Content Lead

You have questions.

Here are some of the most common questions we’ve gotten as we’ve shared Rotezen with family and friends. But if you have others, please don’t hesitate to email us, or ask through our social channels.

Why is it only three months?

As we considered all the change that can happen during this process, and the routine reset we hoped would happen, three months felt like the right balance. We believe it allows for the habits to develop, and then allows space for you to make this process your own.

Do I have to write in it every day?

Consistency is essential to realizing real, impactful, lasting change. Do everything you can to make a habit out of this process. We promise, change is always within reach.

Do I have to finish it in three months?

While this book is designed with daily sprints and one-week intervals and three months of change in mind, you are free to go at your own pace. If you decide to turn a one-week interval into a two-week or four-week interval, or if you just decide to hit pause and stop writing at any point, don’t worry. Progress isn’t always so linear. Just make sure you come back and keep moving.

What happens if I stop for a bit?

This book is designed to make it easy to pick up where you left off. You aren’t falling behind. You can’t fall behind. You are being thoughtful and you are engaged and you are listening to yourself. Take all the time and space you need. But do everything you can to come back. Just go to the next blank page and start again.

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