4 TIPPs to Help Regulate Emotions

We may be in June, but Mental Health Awareness month continues at Komuso as our resident “thought” leader and licensed therapist Daniel Epstein discusses emotional regulation.

What is emotional regulation?

Very simply, emotional regulation refers to that state of being where we are in control of, and connected to our emotions. When we are regulating our emotions, we are both calm and alert. 

In the video, Daniel offers four ways to help regulate your emotions.

You spelled TIPP incorrectly…

Not according to Daniel. TIPP is an acronym for how to regulate emotions.

In the video, Daniel explains what TIPP stands for, and offers some ideas on how to improve and maintain mental health by regulating your emotions.

Emotional regulation with TIPP:

  • Temperature
  • Intense exercise
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Paced breathing

Watch the video for a definition of each one and examples for how to put them into practice.


Want more ways to Think Better?

Daniel has created a series of videos to help improve mental health. Check out the videos at the links below, and check back in each week for more.