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Komuso is the original creator. Beware of counterfit knockoffs.

Komuso is the original creator. Beware of counterfit knockoffs.

Komuso is the original creator. Beware of counterfit knockoffs.

Komuso is the original creator. Beware of counterfit knockoffs.

Komuso is the original creator. Beware of counterfit knockoffs.

A Natural & Healthy 

Alternative to Nicotine

A Natural & Healthy Alternative to Nicotine

    1,500+ reviews

  • Flips the switch on cravings and related stress and anxiety.

  • Squash routine and situational triggers with this ever-present reminder.

  • Ideal length and diameter designed by a psychotherapist.

Sterling SilverMatte Slate14k GoldRose gold
Cable Chain 28" - liked by womenBall Chain 25" - liked by menBox Chain 28" (+ $20) *best sellerBox Chain 25" (+ $20) *best seller
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  • Shift To Quit
  • How It Works
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316 High Polish Stainless Steel (Pendant & Chain)


Matte Black / Sterling Silver / Rose Gold / 14K Gold


Precise circumference supports 10 second exhale


Whisper quiet so you can use it anywhere, anytime

So you want to quit nicotine? 

The Shift is a simple tool to help you permanently, naturally, confidently kick your nicotine habit.

No gimmicks, no medication, no guesswork, no more habit.

Just you, your Shift, and a path to a nicotine-free life.

How It Works

The Shift can help you conquer initial withdrawals and replace the situational triggers because it is always with you. The bonus? As you begin to break the routine, you will experience a host of benefits as you make breathing better a regular part of your day.


Extended inhale simulates oral fixation, and routine “drag.”


Slow exhale turns off anxiety from nicotine withdrawals.


Consistent use can increase calm and elevate mood.

Free Shipping & Returns

We provide FREE Domestic USA shipping for orders $100+ via USPS. 

All other shipping options will be detailed at checkout depending on your location and preference of timing. 

International orders will require extra postage detailed on the checkout page. 

We accept returns of unaltered and undamaged items within 30 day of purchase. 

But don't just take our word for it.

You have the strength to conquer your addiction.

See how thousands have used the shift to create healthier habits in their lives and quit nicotine.

Break the nicotine routine

Breathing with the Shift reduces anxiety and elevates your mood. The more you use the Shift to replace those triggers, the stronger you'll feel, and the more confident you'll be as you break the habit.

Replace the oral fixation

A large part of smoking and vaping is the oral fixation of bringing a cigarette or vape to your mouth. The Shift allows you to replace this oral fixation with a healthier alternative, natural deep breathing.

Find your "WHY"

Studies show that when you identify your "why "and tell a friend, quitting nicotine is more likely to become a permanent change. Ask yourself, "why do I want to quit?" Present yourself with this question with every craving.

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People usually ask...

Why use the Shift?

The Shift is the simplest and most straightforward way to feel better now. No medication, no subscriptions, no instruction manual. Slow your exhale, turn off stress and anxiety, feel better.
  • It slows your exhale to automatically turn off anxiety and stress.
  • It is an easy-to-use, practical tool that helps you feel better.
  • It is an offline reminder that helps you feel more present and connected.
  • It takes the guesswork out of breathwork.

Can I inhale through the Shift too?

Absolutely. The Shift was originally designed to slow the exhale because the exhale flips the switch on anxiety and stress. But some of our quit smoking success stories and reviews say the inhale through the Shift simulates a drag on a cigarette or vape. This is both satisfying from an oral fixation and habitual feel, but also because the inhale energizes us.

Think of the inhale as the gas pedal and the exhale as the brake. When you hit that afternoon slump, and would normally head outside for a smoke break, take the Shift instead for a breath break.

Does the Shift make noise?

The necklace was designed to be used discreetly so you have the ability to use the tool at work, school, or around other people. While the piece may resemble a whistle, the only sound emitted during use is an amplified version of your exhale, which was intentionally designed to help train your mind to redirect your thoughts back to your body.

Since your mind can only focus on one thing at a time, we want you to be focused on the present moment, which is easier said than done. When you're listening to the sound of yourself breathing, we find it’s easier to think about breathing, which increases the quality of your breath, keeps you from focusing on anxious thoughts, and ultimately lowers your anxiety.

Is this based on real science?

We totally understand if you're skeptical about how or why this works because it seems too simple. Our tool has been designed, tested, and patented by a psychotherapist who used proven data about how breathing affects your mind.

Think of your inhalations as the gas pedal and your exhalations as the brakes. Stress triggers short inhales which launches you into ‘fight or flight’ mode. With 50,000 thoughts and 150 phone notifications everyday, we enter this state of mind too often which makes us feel tired and tense. Extending your exhales immediately reverses this state within two minutes by lowering cortisol (stress hormone), blood pressure, and heart rate.

We used this proven science to engineer a tool that allows you to access these longer exhales more often which makes you breathe better as a habit.

It's just a straw right?

The Shift is the first of its kind so we can appreciate the initial confusion. We were inspired by a proven straw breathing technique to silently calm the mind but wanted to design something more practical and worn as a commitment to breathing better. We use medical grade 316 stainless steel with precious metal colors baked though so it can be used safely everyday. We also tested and patented the tube length and diameter in order to create ideal exhalations that physiologically trigger calm. 

You could absolutely use a straw but we found that random sizing can be ineffective and flatten in your pocket. Wearing The Shift as a necklace is a commitment to breathing better as a daily habit which makes you feel better whenever you need a breather.

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