Guided Journal

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Guided Journal

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| rōt zen | habitual repetiton leads to peace of mind and meaningful, lasting change.

rotezen is...

  • A daily commitment
  • A new kind of calm
  • A path forward

rōtezen represents the future of you.

Created with Komuso co-founder Daniel Epstein, a licensed psychotherapist, Rotezen is a guided journal, a 3-month planner, and a source of inspiration that delivers peace of mind and meaningful change through micro-adjustments to your routine.

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What does Rotezen mean?

Learn by rote + zen = rōtezen. Or more literally: rōtezen = I wrote zen.

This book is designed to make it easier to commit to change. One day at a time, one small, incremental micro-adjustment at a time,
rōtezen will help you make a routine of change, peace of mind, and progress.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Evelyn Mcmahon

Love this!!! Help my son when he need to take some deep breaths And I honestly love it to help me quit smoking and relaxes me!

Merri Palmer
Motivating Planner

I bought the Rotezen book in addition to the Shift on impulse, and am so glad I did. It’s a 3-month motivational planner with a ton of flexibility- for example, it states early on that progress is not linear and it’s ok to skip a day or a month, just pick up where you left off. I tend to go all-in on new habits and get discouraged when I fall off, so that opening gave me a ton of confidence and openness. I love that the planner makes you consider your intentions for the day, as well as reflection and reviewing at the end of the day. It’s helping me organize and focus my life, and am interested to see how it’s going 2 months from now.
The book is beautiful- very minimal, very pleasing. Only complaint is it doesn’t have a ribbon for book marking, and it doesn’t fall/stay open in my lap like I’d prefer- takes some holding down the books pages on each side to keep it open to a specific page, which is a little bothersome when writing in sections close to the inside binding seam. I also think including a pen and a way to attach the pen to the book (perhaps a pen slot?) would add to the functionality and enjoyment.
Overall though, Rotezen is worlds better than most motivational books or planners. It’s non-specific to any one goal or plan- very open-ended and applicable to any changes you’d like to make methodically over time.

Matthew Meghory
A great resource!

Its a great, structured resource to keep you consistent and on the ball. I'm only a handful of days in, missed a day, but thats OK because I'll pick back up where I left off. Every incremental step I take with Rotezen, brings me closer to achieving my goals.

There are 5-steps to the rōtezen process



This is your story, you have to want it and you have to take the lead.


Imagine the Possibilities

What if you are at the beginning of a complete transformation that feels like a fresh start? Imagine the you if this works.


Get Comfortable

This process asks some tough questions and requires reflection and openness. We provide the framework and tools to support you.


Work hard. Rest well. Be kind to yourself

Consistency is essential. The process is hard work. We understand that, so take your time and go at your own pace.


Take a deep breath, let it out slowly.

Breathing better is an essential part of this transformation. When we breathe better, we think better and we feel better. We provide these for you in Rōtezen.

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What’s inside Rotezen?

We provide the weekly and monthly framework and templates. All you need
to do is turn the page and follow the prompts.

Daily Template: to organize each day around this routine.

Weekly Maxims: to inspire exploration and growth each week.

Daily Prompts: to center your day and focus your growth.

Guided Conversations: therapist-led explanations for weekly maxims.

Breathing Techniques: basic techniques to enhance calm and focus.

Bonus: 1% of proceeds goes to the Stop AAPI Hate organization.

Ask yourself “what if?” & imagine the possibilities.

What if this works?

How many times have you said to yourself, “I wish I could just start over.”

Rotezen is the off-the-grid approach that allows you to unplug from the noise, and reinvigorate the transformation you are undergoing. It is designed to help you reconnect to and reclaim your story.

The Shift is our breathing tool. It’s made from the same DNA. Pair them together to achieve a more profound and lasting impact, less anxiety and stress, and more focus and peace of mind.

As you consider making this commitment, just ask yourself,

“What if this works?”

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