How to Overcome Self-Referential Thinking

Self-referential thoughts (or SRTs) are often a source of anxiety.

What is a potentially bothersome SRT? 

Here are a few examples that can cause anxiety.

  • I am going to fail that test.
  • I am afraid I will be rejected.
  • I am nervous about this flight.

“I had a client once ask if they could have surgery to remove that part of the brain. While I applauded the active problem-solving perspective, of course the answer was no.”

Why? Here are some essential SRTs?

  • I should brush my teeth.
  • I should apply the brakes on my car.
  • I should not eat that fourth donut (unless it’s a maple bar, those are Daniel’s fave).

In the video, Komuso “thought” leader and licensed therapist (Komuso co-founder too) Daniel covers some quick ways to use the breath to help reduce anxiety created by self-referential thoughts.


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