TKM: The Komuso Method

TKM integrates the Shift into wellness best practices to help you break stress, take control and feel better.

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TKM: The Komuso Method

TKM integrates the Shift into wellness best practices to help you break stress, take control and feel better.

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Make a habit of feeling better with minutes of practice each day. This course provides a daily formula to easily incorporate best practices in mental health and wellness. By combining breathwork, emotional granularity, and reticular activation, you gain control of stress and anxiety, and improve overall mental health.
  • 7 video courses on essential, powerful life skills.
  • 3 instructor-led video breath courses

The content available in this course provides general information pertaining to breathing exercises and how they may be used to manage stress. This content is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a licensed medical care professional familiar with your medical history and current mental and physical health. Please consult with your medical care provider if you are experiencing severe anxiety or emotional stress, having thoughts of self-harm, or struggling with substance abuse. Please seek the advice of a physician or your regular doctor with any questions about your general health, a medical condition, or related treatment, and consult your doctor before engaging in this course to ensure you are medically cleared for breathwork exercises.

IMPORTANT: Please do not practice breathwork while driving, in water, or while pregnant.

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Proven science to help us feel better.

When you combine these best practices and make a habit of TKM, you can wind up feeling more calm and more in control of how you feel day to day. With practice, you can build this feel better muscle with:
  • Emotional Granularity


  • Structured Breathing


  • Reticular Activation


What’s in this course?

the why

TKM Intro

the start

Breaking the
stress cycle

tkm phase 1

Name & tame
your feelings

tkm phase 2

Preventative &
rescue breaths

tkm phase 3


the habit

Live the method


Master the Feelings Wheel.

The Feelings Wheel: created by Dr. Gloria Wilcox
Included with course.

Master the Feelings Wheel.

The average American can only describe how they feel with three emotions: happy, sad, pissed off. When you can expand this vocabulary, and name your emotions more accurately, you can tame them. When you can take control of your emotions, you are able to make a habit of controlling how you feel.

We take 23,000 breaths and have 50,000 thoughts per day.

90% of those thoughts are repeats from the previous day. What re we doing about it?

The Shift is the anchor.
TKM is the path.

The Shift is the anchor.
TKM is the path.

The way we breathe controls a super highway of connectivity between your brain and your diaphragm. Komuso co-founder Todd Steinberg teaches you in this course how shallow breathing leads to more stress and slower, deeper breathing leads to more calm and control.



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Please note, the information offered via @komusodesign Instagram feed is not, nor is intended to be, therapy, psychological or medical advice.